Wellness Program

For a Better Quality of Life

The goal of a wellness program is to guide individuals toward a lifetime approach to exercise and to promote a better quality of life.  Learn about Wellness at LiveFit.

Our therapists will teach clients how to exercise efficiently, correctly, and safely.  You will also receive information on good nutritional habits to promote good health.  We are dedicated to educating, guiding, and motivating our clients in all aspects of wellness.  It is important to consult your physician or health care provider prior to initiating any exercise program.  Our program is designed for individuals free of serious medical conditions that could impair the safety of exercise.  However, if your health care provider has given you specific parameters to exercise within, our therapists can work with your provider to instruct you in a safe and effective mode of exercise.

 Why should I exercise?

The benefits of exercise are many.  Through regular exercise individuals can gain:

  1. Increased strength and flexibility
  2. Improved cardiovascular and heart function
  3. Improved appearance and self-image
  4. Weight and body fat reduction
  5. Increased bone strength
  6. Improved muscle tone
  7. Reduced cardiac risk factors
    1. Decreased blood pressure
    2. Lowered cholesterol


What can I expect at GHPT’s program?

The first day you arrive at the clinic to initiate your program, you will be asked to complete a medical history questionnaire to inform the therapist of your current medical status.  The physical therapist will then evaluate your overall posture, flexibility, and strength.   You and your therapist will discuss goals for the program and then design an exercise program tailored to suit your needs.  You will be given written instructions for your program.

Your program will consist of four main parts:  warm-up, resistive exercises, cardiovascular training, and cool-down.

You can expect each session to last 30-45 minutes from start to finish.


The warm-up phase is very important because it serves as a junction between rest and vigorous exercise.  It reduces the stress on the heart, muscles, and joints.  In this phase you will:

  1. Stretch all major muscle groups
  2. Perform certain range of motion exercises
  3. Start your cardiovascular exercises at a low intensity


During the resistive exercise phase of your program, you will perform strengthening exercises for your muscle groups.  This type of exercise increases the body’s strength, muscle tone, and ability to burn fat.  The specific exercises and muscle groups that you will target will be decided when you and your therapist devise your individual exercise program.


The cardiovascular training phase of your program is important because it serves as the major way to burn calories and to improve your cardiovascular system.  It is important to monitor your heart rate during this phase.  Your physical therapist will instruct you in how to monitor your heart rate and provide you with a safe heart rate range.  In this phase you will exercise on the bike, treadmill, or other cardiovascular machines.


The cool-down phase is important because in this phase your heart rate and blood pressure will return to their resting levels.  You will perform lower intensity exercise and stretching exercises.