Golf Programs

Livefit is fully equipped and to help you perform at the highest level in multiple areas of your life, including the golf course. Our professionally certified therapists and instructors are prepared to evaluate all parts of your game, from individualizing body and swing mechanics, to providing the best possible advice regarding equipment that will best suite specific golfer’s needs.

United States Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF)


The USGTF is the largest national organization of certified golf teaching professionals in the world. The USGTF is a founding member of the World Golf Teachers Federation® and is one of 42 member nations that make up this entity. The USGTF, through advanced and cutting-edge swing mechanics and teaching methodology, have set themselves apart as a national and international standard-bearer in training and certification for golf instructors. The USGTF provides services for its members and promotes the organization and the golf teaching profession.

Our certified USGTA instructor provides swing assessments and tailored lessons geared towards improving the quality of your game, and the results on your scorecard. Swing assessments can be scheduled with great flexibility, and provide constructive feedback that can help start down the path to improving your swing and overall game.

Titlist Performance Institute (TPI)


TPI’s mission is to educate golfers and industry professionals on the Body-Swing Connection™through its one of a kind ‘TPI Certified’ educational program. TPI believes golfers will benefit the most from a healthy and efficient body. TPI does not believe in one way to swing a club, rather in an infinite number of swing styles. But, we do believe there is one efficient way for every player to swing and it is based on what the player can physically do.

Our TPI certified professional has discovered how a properly functioning body allows a player to swing a golf club in the most efficient way possible. Additionally, he has training in how to properly analyze the physical limitations in a player’s body, and work to correct them so that they do not adversely affect the golf swing and potentially lead to injury. Assessments can be scheduled with great flexibility, and provide immediate beneficial feedback that can help to prevent injury and improve the quality of your game.


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