Orthopedic Surgeon Care

Orthopaedics deals with the cause, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of injuries that may occur to muscles, bones and joints, negatively impacting mobility. Muscles cross from bone to bone, spanning the joints. With the support of ligaments and tendons around the joint, contracting muscles pull the bones and produce a specific range of movement. When injury occurs to any one of these areas, all are affected.

Our specialists work together to provide patients with the most current treatments to help them regain mobility. 

If a surgical solution is what is best for your body, it will be important that you continue an exercise program with daily stretching and strengthening to help strengthen and heal after surgery. At LiveFit, we work with you in conjunction with your surgeon to create an effective program for preoperative and post operative care. In general, patients who faithfully comply with the therapies and exercises prescribed by their orthopaedic surgeon and physical therapist will have the best medical outcome after surgery.