The People of Livefit

President – Bruce Worley, PT, M.Ed.

After receiving his degree in physical therapy from the University of Pennsylvania in 1969 and a Masters of Education from Springfield College in 1971, Mr. Worley has continued with extensive post-graduate education and experience in the fields of athletic training, orthopedic manual therapy, and orthotic training.

As past president of Hartford County Physical Therapy and New Frontiers Medical Associates, he has demonstrated his ability to be an innovator in the field of physical therapy, in both private practice and in industrial settings.

CFO/Vice-President – Stephen Worley, B.A.

The former Chief Executive Officer of a large manufacturing firm, he entered physical therapy in 1986 as the Vice President of New Frontiers Medical Associates, a company engaged in providing physical therapy to various industries in a region stretching from Connecticut to Florida. In 1990, he became Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Greater Hartford Physical Therapy.

At Greater Hartford Physical Therapy, Mr. Worley utilizes his proven ability as an administrator and financial advisor to ensure that the patient is given the highest quality care.

Financial Manager – Kirsten Jones

Mrs. Jones has been employed with GHPT since 1989.  She began her employment in an entry-level position in the business office and in 1994 was appointed General Office Manager of GHPT.  Throughout her employment, she has developed expertise in medical management software and accounts receivable management.  Her knowledge in these areas, as well as her leadership skills led to her appointment in 2004 as Financial Manager of GHPT.